Welcome to Delicato

Since 1948 Delicato has revolutionised the pastry scene with cherished cakes, rolls, and cheesecakes. We’re a well-established family business offering a wide range of modern classics and new favourites. A large selection of our baked goods is entirely gluten and lactose-free – and completely plant-based – showcasing our vision for a sustainable and more inclusive coffee break.

Our assortment of pastries and cakes is well-established in both food service and retail markets in Sweden, the range encompassing everything from confectionery to cheesecakes, and more. 

Where can you find us? Click on the link in the menu to discover our distributors outside of Sweden. 

Made in Sweden 

With over 70 years in the business, we dare say we know how to fika, but even more so we know how to create beloved pastries with impeccable taste. Always with high-quality ingredients. Our bakery is based in Segeltorp (Stockholm), Sweden.

Food service

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Pastries for everyone! 

Having a cup of coffee should be easy. Why don’t you set up a buffet with delicious cakes and confectionery from our food service? We have a large selection that’s not only gluten and lactose-free but also completely plant-based and therefore suitable for almost everyone. Perfect for any coffee shop or cafe, for catering at a conference, for a late brunch – or as a decorated dessert at a restaurant.

Try everything from tasty Citronruta with lemon curd – to the Swedish classic Kladdkaka – a sticky and rich chocolate dessert often served with whipped cream. A timeless favourite is our Punschrulle – a pastry covered in green marzipan with ends dipped in chocolate and an interior consisting of sweet crumbs flavoured with punch aroma.

Many of our cakes are pre-cut into 12 or 20 pieces for easy handling. Many of our baked goods also come frozen making for a long shelf life and less waste.



Retail confectionery 

Delicato offers a wide range of packaged confectionaries, perfect for takeaway coffee – or a proper sit down with family and friends. Our assortment is suitable for retail in both large supermarkets and smaller shops. There’s something for everyone. Pick a gluten-free option or one of our plant-based sweets.

We have individually packaged goodie bars in many flavours! The classics Chocolate ballsMazarines and Punschrolls are all available in portion packs, both fresh and frozen – for long shelf life and minimal waste. Don't miss out! Our newest realse is Cinnamon bun cake - Soft cardamom flavored cake filled with a cinnamon filling, covered with nib sugar.

Why don’t you try our classic Kärlekmumstårta, with a taste of mocha and coconut – or the new Chocolate cake with delicious salted caramel?

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