General facts

Fika for a better community

With little over 70 years of baking away at the pastry board, we dare to say we have become something of an expert when it comes to baking pastries. And we still love fika as much as we did back in 1948 when everything began. Many of our goodies are modern classics, well-known and adored all over the country, such as the delicious Delicatoboll, the lovely Punschrulle, and the rich-tasting Mazarin. Enjoy fika with Sweden's most loved pastry. Treats made with love, and in a great creative spirit.


Turnover: 236 M SEK
Number of employees: 164
Founder: Einar Belvén
Owner: The family Belvén
CEO: Johan Berg

Our head office and bakery is situated in Segeltorp, Stockholm. We have retailers in Norway, Denmark and UK. 


The start

Our story began in 1948 when Einar Belvén's brother Evert started a small bakery in his home on Kommendörsgatan in Stockholm. Here Einar bakes Dansk Sandkaka at night, riding his bike around selling the cake in the daytime. Einar was cautious when selecting raw materials – and that’s the way Delicato still does it today.


Our beloved Punschrulle (Vacuum cleaner) was launched

After a day's baking, all the tasty cake crumbs were collected and flavoured with arrack. The link to vacuum cleaners was that the Punschrulle both looked like the Bakelite vacuum cleaners of the time – but also “vacuumed” all the sweet crumbs.


Sounds good, tastes better

Einar's cakes were very popular, and he moved from one bakery to another to accommodate his growing business. In 1964, his own bakery was built in Segeltorp, Huddinge.


Take Delicato for good

The bakery in Segeltorp was too small and is being expanded. The single-pack concept and the wonderful Äppelkaka (apple pie) were launched through nationwide distribution.


Tradition & Quality

During the happy 1980s, Delicato celebrated 40 years, launched the classic Skumraketen, and opened new markets with the acquisition of Haga Choklad.


Royally delicious

Einar's sons Kenneth and Ronnie took over the business after their father in 1992. We launch products in the Swedish grocery trade. Several members of the family work in the business and there is no doubt that we are a genuine Swedish family business. In 1993, Delicato was appointed as Royal Court Supplier. Treats such as Almond cake and Raspberry grotta are launched.


Assuredly free from whole grains

We celebrated 60 years and were rewarded with a big marketing prize for the tongue-in-cheek advertising campaign which mocks health trends with a sense of humour. Now, we also started baking Pärlboll and Cheesecakes.


The Royal Wedding Collection

We baked delicious blueberry raspberry Mazarines as a part of the Royal Wedding Collection when the Swedish Crown Princess got married to her prince. We launched Päronbiskvi Lyx and again won a major marketing prize – Guldägget.


Social media

Influenced by a viral social media post we decided to create the Delicato Box. Our new, slightly more exclusive offer, Konditori Delicato, was also launched.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for new pastries and exciting collaborations in the future!