General facts

Sweden’s best-loved cakes and pastries

Delicato is the largest pastry bakery producer in the Nordic countries. This position was achieved by long term determination in ensuring high quality, both in terms of ingredients and professional skill. Our assortment includes pastries, cakes and pies, soft marshmallow and many more. Many of our products, such as the Delicatoball, Punchroll and Mazarin have become Swedish classics, well known and loved throughout Scandinavia. 

70 years of good memories
In 1948 Einar Belvén founded Delicato Bakverk AB.  He opened a small home bakery at Tomtebogatan in Stockholm and he had an idea of producing a pastry assortment and sell fresh cakes and pastries directly to the rapidly growing food service market. In the beginning Einar delivered the products himself by bike. The bakery is today situated in Segeltorp, just outside Stockholm, Sweden. Delicato is still today family-owned  and the company mission is "Through it´s products, bring pleasure and togetherness".


Turnover: 236 M SEK
Number of employees: 164
Founder: Einar Belvén
Owner: The family Belvén
CEO: Johan Berg

Our head office and bakery is situated in Segeltorp, Huddinge, Stockholm. We have retailers in Norway, Denmark and UK.