Quality & Environment

Our mission when it comes to quality is to always either live up to or outperform our customer’s needs, requirements and expectations. We conduct a structured product improvement work which is based on our own controls and feedback from customers and consumers.
We want our products to: 

…comply with current legislation and requirements
…be safe for the health
…be manufactured from high quality raw materials
…have a high and even quality
…be delivered on time

Delicato works with a hygien and self-monitoring program according HACCP, which is an international method that aims to guarantee product safety in handling food. HACCP first started in the US and is now applied in all kinds of food handling all over the world. Unlike previous methods where control of product safety is based on analysis of the finished product, HACCP aims to prevent risks before they happen, which increases the product safety.
FSSC 22000 
Since 2007, Delicato has been certified according to the highest level of BRC, but decided in 2012 to convert to FSSC 22000, which is a global ISO standard for food safety. The change we made because we are convinced that FSSC 22000 is better suited to our bakery, as well to our environment certification, because it is also an ISO standard (ISO 14001). FSSC sets (like BRC) high standards of a functioning quality management system, including risk analysis through the entire production and supply chain, introduction of regular checkups and preventive measures to reduce or eliminate potential risks. 



Delicato is certified according to ISO 14001 since 2008. Our long term mission when it comes to environmental efforts is to strive for ever-reduced environmental impact caused by our business and our products. A priority area in our environmental work is carbon and the main focus is energy, packaging and transporting. In these areas we have three specific main goals and that is to:

…reduce energy consumption and amount of waste per sold million
…reduce share of packaging per cake
…reduce fuel consumption per kilo transported cake



If you wish to learn more about our quailty & environmental policy, please contact our customer service:

Tel: 0046 (0)20-42 20 20
E-mail: info@delicato.se